Nanjing Research Institute of Cultural Heritage Preservation

he Nanjing Research Institute of Cultural Heritage Preservation, a branch of the Nanjing Museum Administration, was established in 2014. It is the only unit for comprehensive research, protection, and repair of the city’s movable and immovable cultural relics.

Main functions of the institute: Engage in the investigation, assessment, and statistics of the city’s cultural heritage. Make cultural heritage planning for the entire city. Protect and research major historical and cultural sites protected at the municipal level or above, as well as other ancient buildings, historical sites, stone inscriptions, and modern-times buildings and collections that have the value of cultural relics.

Following its establishment, the institute has completed its application for a qualification for repairing movable cultural relics, and contributed to improving the environment around the tombs of Xu Da and Li Wenzhong. The institute has participated in writing books such as the Historical Figures of Nanjing, Illustrated Introduction of Nanjing, and Nanjing Municipal Museum Overview, and an outline for Southern Tang Museum Basic Exhibitions. It has also compiled Plans for Protecting and Restoring Stone Boat Inscriptions in the Nanjing Museum of Chinese Modern History, Monitoring of Environment Quality for Preserving Precious Cultural Objects of the Nanjing Municipal Museum & Solution to Packing Containers, and many other plans for protecting cultural relics.


Address:No.4 Chaotian Palace, Qinhuai District, Nanjing